This page has been designed to answer the most commonly asked questions and to help aid you in making banking at LCNB more convenient. Please use the navigation on the right to narrow your question or concern you may have..

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What is my current account balance?    ▼
You can view your account balance online or by phone by calling the LCNB Call Center at 800-344-2265. If you are enrolled in LCNB Online, click here to log in now
Can I access my account by phone?    ▼
You can access our 24 hour bank by phone BankLine by calling 1-888-786-5262.
My PIN does not work due to a period of inactivity using BankLine, how do I reset my PIN?    ▼
You may call the LCNB Call Center and someone will reset your PIN to your social security number in which you will then be asked to change your PIN to a four digit PIN for future use. To prevent your account from going inactive with BankLine, please use BankLine at least once within a six month time period.  
How do I change my address?    ▼
You may stop by any banking office near you and a LCNB Staff member will help you with this. You may also call the LCNB Call Center at 1-800-344-2265 and a Customer Service Representative will assist you. Please note for security reasons, if the address is changed over the phone, a return call will be placed to you verifying the address change. 
How do I make a wire transfer?    ▼
You can stop into any LCNB banking location and request a wire transfer. All wire transfers are for LCNB customers only and funds must be collected funds and be taken out of a current LCNB account.
When will I receive my 1099 and 1098 statements?    ▼
LCNB mails all 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-OIDs, 1099-Rs, 1099-A, 1099-Cs and 1098s by January 31 each year. We can do reprints and corrections after February 1. If you have additional questions about your 1099 or 1098 statements, call 1-800-344-2265 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.
How can I order a copy of a check, deposit or a statement?    ▼
If you enrolled in LCNB On-Line, you can view and print the front and backs of any checks or deposits or items deposited within the last six (6) months. You can also view and print the statements from the previous three (3) months. If you need additional copies, you can request the copies at any branch or call LCNB's Call Center at 1-800-344-2265. This is considered research and would be charged the research fees of $25.00 per hour and a $0.25 per copy.
I need to know if my direct deposit came in and how much. How can I check this?    ▼
You can sign up for LCNB Online to see up-to-date accurate information on your account activity. You may also call BankLine 24 hours a day at 1-888-786-5262 or you may call into LCNB’s Call Center and a CSR will be glad to help you.  
How can I find out who I wrote a certain check to?    ▼
You can sign up for LCNB Online and you may view images of all your checks right online. You may also call into LCNB’s Call Center and a CSR will be glad to help you. 
What should I do if my checkbook is stolen?    ▼
You should immediately contact LCNB at 1-800-344-2265 during normal banking hours. Stop into a local branch and proceed to close the account and open a new one. As with any theft, it is important to file a police report regarding the stolen checkbook and anything else that is missing.  
How can I place a stop payment?    ▼
You may place a stop payment if you are enrolled in LCNB On-Line on any check. Simply choose the Stop Payment function from the activity list next to your account on the main page. You may also call into the LCNB Call Center and place a stop payment over the phone and we will place the stop immediately and mail you the forms in which you must sign and return within 14 days. Finally, you may stop into any of our branches and place a stop payment in person. Please remember there is a 24 hour period that a check may not be able to be stopped if it has already been presented for payment. A stop payment fee will be applied to your account at the time the stop payment is made.
How can I order checks?    ▼
You can order checks by dropping the reorder form off at any LCNB Branch or mail to LCNB, P.O. Box 59, Lebanon, OH 45036. You can also order checks through LCNB Online if you are currently enrolled to access your accounts online and have ordered checks through Harland Checks before. Finally, if your reorder has no changes, you may call Harland at 1-888-784-5296. Due to fraud concerns, you may not place a check order over the phone with LCNB, the Harland phone number must be called.