This page has been designed to answer the most commonly asked questions and to help aid you in making banking at LCNB more convenient. Please use the navigation on the right to narrow your question or concern you may have..

Online Banking: (click below to view the answer to the question)
How do I enroll in LCNB On-Line?     ▼
You may automatically enroll in LCNB On-Line by clicking on the "Enroll Now" link on the home page of under the Online Banking section. This will give you instant access into your accounts if the enrollment is successful. You may also stop into any of our Offices and enroll in person. Once you enroll at one of our Offices, you will be emailed the login credentials within two business days. .
Can I use my mobile device to access LCNB On-Line?    ▼
LCNB National Bank now offers apps for the Apple iPhone®, Android® and the Kindle Fire®. Please download from the appropriate app store. You may also use your browser on your phone if you have another internet accessible mobile device. Simply use the browser on your phone and go to and choose On-Line Banking. 
I signed up for LCNB On-Line and have not received my log in information. What do I do?    ▼
Please confirm that any emails coming from are not marked as SPAM. If so please remove us as spam and allow our emails to come through. If you have checked for SPAM and checked your deletes making sure you do not have an email with the subject “LCNB Online Welcome Letter!”, then please email us at and request a new letter be emailed to you. This will also help to verify your email address.  
I try to log in and the log in screen returns with login ID and password blank. How can I correct this?    ▼
Verify that your cookies are enabled in your Web Browser. Consult your user manual to change setting. 
I get an error of invalid log in ID or password and am certain I am entering correct data. How do I correct
this?     ▼
Your browser can not be set to use the Auto Complete feature for security purposes. Please read the paragraph at the bottom of this page and follow the link to check and/or change your settings. .
I use LCNB On-Line Bill Pay and do not see the payment being deducted nor has my payee given me credit for the payment. What do I do?    ▼
If the payee was set up to recieve payment by check, then you may place a stop payment on the check issued. You can get the check number in the Payment History option. If the payment was set up to be an electronic payment, we can trace the payment. Please call 1-800-344-2265 and ask for the Electronic Services Department.