Switching Made easy!

Maximize your money, minimize your hassles!

Don't let the thought of switching banks keep you from getting the outstanding products and exceptional service you deserve. This simple switch kit is your passport to hassle free banking. Experience the POWER of community banking!

Get Prepared
Identify automatic deposits and deductions that you'll be switching to LCNB National Bank. If you have not already opened a bank account, please visit one of our bank offices.

These are recurring payments automatically deposited into your account on a regular basis. Examples are payroll, Social Security, alimony, dividends or disability payments.

These are recurring payments automatically withdrawn from your account on a regular basis. Examples include mortgage payments, gym membership fees and insurance premiums.

  • Contact each company

Find out the address of the main accounting office where you should send the notice of change. Some companies have on their website or billing statements.

Send our Close Account Request form to the financial institution where you are closing your old checking account. Remember to not close your former account immediately. It may take up to two statement cycles for all outstanding items to clear.


Make sure no other forms are required such as a credit payoff form.

Helpful Hints

      • Timing is Everything

After all outstanding checks, automatic deposits and automatic deductions have cleared; you're ready to close your former account

      • Track Your Request

To confirm that your automatic deposit or automatic deductions are being deposited or withdrawn from your new LCNB National Bank account, check your account statement, sign up and log onto your online account at www.lcnb.com or call (513)932-1414

      • Follow Up

Automatic deposits should take effect within three deposit periods. Keep your former account open until all automatic deposits have been switched to your new bank account. If you don't see the deposit by this time, please contact the company.

      • Reminder

Note that some companies or organizations, like the Social Security Administration, may require a special form. Contact the company or income source to make sure no other forms are required. Also, your former bank may require additional forms to close your account. Contact your former bank to make sure no other items are required.

      • For Your Reference
        • The Social Security Administration phone number is (800) 772-1213.
        • ABA Routing Number is the first group of nine (9) numbers found at the bottom of a check